Netflix is a streaming application that was designed by Netflix Production Company located in the los Gatos in the California united States. The founders of this app included Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings which they founded on the August 29th of 1997. The company started as a small entity but as for now it’s the best and leading streaming which has made millions of people all over the world to live a life of entertainment. Netflix services operate all over the world with over 190 countries.

Features of Netflix

Lots of huge content library
·         Best streaming for example 4k streaming
·         Netflix is easy to use by every one
·         Netflix offers Original Page titles in terms of movies, series among others
·         No account required
·         Tv and Tablet supports
·         The App is free from Ads, no subscription update

Additional Information




Android 4.4+


11.99 MB


Netflix, Inc.



Google Play link


Sept 16 2021


Netflix is now the best streaming application that offers Tv shows, Movies, documentaries, anime among others. Netflix services are paid for in different intervals for example 1 month subscription, Annual Subscription among other forms. For new users or registers Netflix gives a free trial for a period of 30 days so that one tests the preferences and services that they offer

Netflix has not left out the kids since it has a variety of content suitable for kids, adults all kinds of Movies which are specified in different categories such as Action, Adventures, Love stories, Comedy and more over there

You can now watch countless movies and different shows since Netflix has a variety of movies Tv shows and anime. Netflix has over 3k movies that were produced around the July of 2020 and for sure the movie industry is also not seated at one point there also filming each and every day and this makes Netflix grow more popular by getting these movies closer to the grounds.

The mod feature of Netflix also has the play offline library which enables you to download these movies in form of series and Tv shows in high quality resolutions for example 4k, 1080 legally and be able to store them to your storage devices.

Its also able for you to delete viewing history in case you feel like erasing the evidence of watching some shows or movies. To enjoy Netflix perfectly its better for one to customize his or her profiles for example create a name, input a pin for security peoples and for this is a good feature for friends, Families that share Netflix.

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