Make money from home through affiliate marketing; 5 best paying affiliate programs in uganda

 Here are the ways you can make money through Affiliate Marketing; Legit Sites that you need to use for Affiliate Marketing for People in Uganda, Europe and United state


Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Affiliate marketing involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platforms or websites.

An affiliate earns a commission each time some one makes a purchase from the referral links posted on websites, social media platforms among others remember these links are provided by companies that offer affiliate programs. 

How do i become an affiliate Marketer?

This is a great question because we always don't know where to begin from always, below is how you can become an Affiliate Marketer;

  • Choose a Nitche for example specialize in producing some great content for example tech, sports, among others.
  • Evaluate Market Demands, this involves knowing the demand of needs of your Audience
  • Analyze the competition, there always great competition in majorly the Nitche. choose a Nitche that has less competitions all around.
  • Research Affiliate Programs since there is a variety of affiliate Programs all over the world.
  • Choose your Affiliate Marketing method
  • Create and Publish Your Content
  • Drive traffic to your site 
  • Get Clicks on your affiliate links 
  • Change clicks to Sales and make Money

  • Examples of  Affiliate Programs in Uganda
#1. Jumia Affiliate  Program

This is one of the largest online stores in Uganda. Jumia deals in variety of products such as food, Electronics, Jobs among others. Every Affiliate earns upto 9% Commission off wide range of Products such as Phones, Computers and Accessories and House Hold Properties.

How Jumia Affiliate Program Works
  • You join For Free
  • Choose a product to promote e.g Computers, Everything on jumia, Fashions among others
  • Get Promotional tools like Banners and Links from the User Dashboards
  • Share Promotional links on Social media, Blogs and websites
  • Earn Commission from successful Purchases.

#2. Dondolo Affiliate  Program

This is an example of an online store in Uganda around the areas of Kampala. They deal in variety of Products such as Phones, Computers, Electronics, fashion, Auto spare among others. Each Affiliate Earns a commission off wide range of products Purchased successfully.

How Dondolo Affiliate Program Works
  • Join for free.
  • Choose Product category to promote e.g Hardware, Fashion, Computing, Phones among others.
  • Get tools like Banners, Links among others.
  • Share   links on Social Media, Website, Blogs among others.
  • Earn Commision for every Purchase.

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