Effects of using free Internet that you need to know; the dangers you need to avoid

 Free Internet wide access by almost every one in uganda, Look at the effects of using the free internet service offered by public Wi-Fi, VPNs and many more

Free internet is refered to as open internet which also most every one can access this includes free wifi at public place such as Restaurants, game centres, hospitals among other places There pretty lots of advantages of using free internet as well as disadvantages subjected at most to the requirement and shareable, To begin with the advantages;

Free Internet is Cheap

This is because it doesn’t require the user to invest in money to access internet for example social media like Whats app, Facebook, Twitter, to mention but a few, Its being cheap also promotes togetherness which some one can term as a community because the poor are able to communicate to the rich using the free internet.

Employment Opportunities

There are opportunities of people who deal in free internet to also have access to needs because this make them earn some money which will later improve on their living standards.

Free internet has made Education easier

This service has promoted to the education sector widely because every student will need to access the internet in terms of research and also reviewing the current situation in Uganda which has shifted Learning to Online hence eradicating poverty through reducing the number of illiterates in Uganda.

Promotes savings

Free internet widely in Uganda promotes savings where by the money people lots of people would have used to buy Data is saved since there is an opportunity of accessing the internet at free of charge and this promotes investments in the country.

Increase of Sales

There is increase of sales in businesses that over free internet services to their customers which every ne who like having during having leisure times with the family at such public public places, Business owners have been able to make huge profits by creating this form of discount to their customers

However free internet is associated with disadvantages as discussed below

Poor connectivity due to low internet speed

The internet is affected widely due to  low masts or telecommunication boosters in places that are remote and this makes communication very Poor all a while.

Low revenues to the Government

This is majorly and widely affecting the ISPs and it’s a vulnerability to them since there charged revenues to such services that are offered to the people, the use of VPNs which offer free internet services has led to dodge of the 12% tax on data.

Trust Issues

The public does not trust free internet or internet widely used by many people and this is because its associated with cases such as hacking, spamming, phishing among others which has led to loss of confidential information of the users and this brings about insecurity among people.

In conclusion, the free internet is advantageous and also disadvantageous to its users as seen

There Apps that give internet on all sorts of networks available today and the examples of these VPNs include Ha tunnel Plus, Droid VPN, 3x VPN, One VPN, Worst VPN, Melon VPN among others, they have secured your personal information and there is no worry about that, To free enjoy these services you have to make sure you subscribe to premium servers take out a look at them now.

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